AHSGR is dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation and dissemination of information related to the history, cultural history and genealogy of the Germanic settlers in the Russian Empire and their descendants. Some of the information is available in the AHSGR Library – both online or at our headquarters.

Our library contains the largest collection of German Russian research information in the Western Hemisphere. It continues to grow as new materials are constantly added. Some titles are available for inter-library loans. An exciting part of the collection is the translated records from the Russian Archives. Many of the research items have been published and may be purchased from the AHSGR store or from a private researcher.

Other materials listed can be examined at AHSGR headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. They have been acquired by bequest, purchase, gift, accepted on loan or the publication has been funded by AHSGR. Researchers are usually on-site Monday through Friday. If you have need of the library and cannot come to the museum during the week, researchers may be available on Sunday by appointment made several weeks in advance. Become an AHSGR member for unlimited access to our online library to start your search now!

A fee of $15 for half a day or $30 a full day will be charged for non-members to use the AHSGR Research Library.

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